About Ibrahim Al-Zwaied and Parents Establishment for Charity

Ibrahim Al-Zwaied and Parents Establishment for Charity dates back to the Group’s incorporation. The Group has undertaken charitable and developmental activities in the Saudi society since its incorporation. However, the official incorporation of the Establishment took place directly after the issuance of the Minister of Social Affairs Decision No. 111262 dated 27/12/1433 to register Ibrahim Al-Zwaied and Parents Establishment for Charity with premises in Al-Qassim and Buraidah under Registration No. (145). Bearing in mind that human beings are the center and focus of development, the Establishment seeks to play an influential role in our society through charitable and developmental programs ...



Ensuring the needy students in the general and higher education stages


Supporting and financing families in need of skills and production tools to transform them into productive families


Providing equipment, medicines and medical supplies for the sick and needy


Implementation of housing development projects and charitable and buy and repair houses for the needy


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